Saturday revolves around cave tours, but there will also be activities for non-cavers.

During breakfast you can register for a cave tour or other activity.

After the cave tour/activity or another activity, there will be a reception and the traders' stands will be open.

We end the day with a dinner and a party.

This is the summary program for Saturday.

  • Morning: Breakfast
  • Morning: Registration for the cave tours and prehistoric walking tour
  • Morning: Departure to the caves
  • During the day: Caving trip or alternative activity
  • Late afternoon: traders' and VVS working groups stands' are opene
  • Late afternoon: reception celebrating 50 years of VVS (hosted by VVS)
  • Evening: dinner:
    • Jambalaya (this is a Creole dish similar to paella but with ham and tomatoes and seafood).
    • Or vegetarian alternative
  • Evening: Let’s party

The exact schedule will be communicated later.



A buffet breakfast will be provided in the morning.

You can also prepare a packed lunch during breakfast.


Registration for the caving trips

The registration process for cave tours will be different this year. However, the new method has not yet been finalized. We will provide details about the new process in August.

The order of registration for the Speleological Days will still play a crucial role in signing up for the cave tours.


Departure to the caves

The correct time of departure will be communicated during your registration for a cave tour.

We meet in the hall on the ground floor for each cave tour. There you can meet up with your tour leader and fellow participants to drive together to the cave.


Cave tour or alternative activity

We are still finalizing the list of caves which can be visited. Therefore, we cannot yet reveal a complete overview but the classic tours of the Caves of Han will likely be part of the program.

The classics from the Caves of Han will probably be included in the progam.

A prehistoric walking tour is organized for non-cavers.


Traders and VVS working groups stands

All kinds of caving equipment and books will be available for purchase in the trader stands.

The VVS working groups will also present their work in this edition. Come and meet the VVS working groups to learn about their activities and show your interest if you would like to contribute.



During the reception, VVS will offer an aperitif to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

We will then honor some meritorious cavers with a Golden Spelerpes.

The winners of the photo contest will also be announced.

During the reception, VVS board members will be selling raffle tickets for the tombola.



After the reception, we sit down to enjoy Jambalaya (a Creole dish similar to paella but with ham and tomatoes and seafood) of a vegetarian alternative.

After dinner, the winning tombola numbers will be announced.


Let's party

We will conclude the evening with a party. You can also enjoy a quiet drink in the hall upstairs.