We’re currently busy preparing the Caving Days 2022. Here you can find all the required information on this edition. More details will follow later.

The Caving Days is a biannual event for and by cavers. On Saturday we focus on a beautiful cave tour and on Sunday on workshops/presentations. This all together with the possibility to meet up and socialize with fellow cavers from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

Update 22/06/22: addition of link to registration form + changes in planning.


Starting from Friday 16 September until Sunday 18 September 2022.


Collège Saint-Roch (ASBL Bernardfagne)
Allée de Bernardfagne 7
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The weekend price is € 70.00 for participants from 14 years old or € 50.00 for participants from 5 to 13 years old.

The participation fee for the full weekend includes:

  • Accomodation
  • 2x breakfast
  • Packed lunch on Saturday
  • Warm meal on Saturday evening
  • BBQ on Sunday

Drinks aren’t included.


The registrations go via the VVS website.

The start of registrations is on June 22, 2022 at 20:00 (CET).

The registration form can be found here.

When registering you should indicate the choice of accommodation, and per participant the diet preferences for all participants you register (of the same family).

Your registration is more than just your ticket to participate to the weekend. The moment of registration and a correct payment of the registration fee determines the order that is used to draw up the call list to register for the cave tours.

The payment to complete the registration should be deposited on the VVS bank account within 7 days to safeguard your position on the call list for the cave tours.

IBAN: BE17 7343 3250 7521
Verbond van Vlaamse Speleologen
Mechelsesteenweg 586 c 10
1800 Vilvoorde

In other words: who registers and pays first has the best chance to visit his favorite cave.

Overnight stay

You can stay overnight in one of the following ways:

  • In a single room (sleeping-bag or sheets to be provided by yourself).
  • Tent
  • Mobile home

Friday program

You’re welcome at Bernardfagne starting from 18h00.

After check-in you can fix your sleeping place and enjoy a drink in the bar.

Luxury hot dogs are offered against hunger.

Saturday program

This is the summary program for Saturday. The actual hours will be communicated later.

  • Morning: Breakfast
  • Morning: Registration for the cave tours
  • Morning: Departure to the caves
  • During the day: Caving trip or alternative activity
  • Late afternoon: Traders, VVS and VVS working groups stands are opened
  • Evening: reception and hot supper
  • Evening: Let's party

In the morning a buffet is foreseen for the breakfast.

During the breakfast you can also prepare a packed lunch.

Registration for the caving trips

During breakfast you will be called by 10 to make your choice for a cave tour or alternative activity.

The order of convocation is determined by the time of your registration for the Caving Days and whether you have paid your participation fee in time.

You have to be present in person to register for a cave tour.

Departure to the caves

The correct time of departure will be communicated during your registration for a cave tour.

We meet in the hall on the ground floor for each cave tour. There you can meet up with your tour leader and fellow participants to drive together to the cave.

Cave tour or alternative activity

At the moment, we’re still working on the offer. Therefore, we cannot reveal much about which caves will be included in this year's offer. Unfortunately, the floods in the summer of 2021 have caused that some of the caves from previous editions will not be on offer this year.

The classics from the Caves of Han will probably be included in the progam.

We can already tell you that there will be a cave that will be reserved specially for the youth of VVS and Speleo-J.

Traders, the VVS and VVS working groups stands

Our sponsors/traders offer the opportunity to buy all the required caving equipment and/or books.

New this year is that we want to highlight the VVS and the working groups of the VVS. Come and find out what the VVS and the VVS working groups entail, what activities we/they organize and what you can do to help. You can find them in the hall with the stands.

Reception and hot supper

During the reception we offer you an aperitif.

We will then honor some meritorious cavers with a Golden Spelerpes.

During the reception the people of the board of the VVS will pass by with raffle tickets for the tombola.

After the reception, we sit down to enjoy Paella (a vegetarian version will be available as well).

After supper we draw the winning numbers from the tombola, with a Scurion headlamp as the main prize.

Let's party

We will close the evening with a party. You can also enjoy a quiet drink in the hall upstairs.

Sunday program

This is the summary program for Sunday. The actual hours will be communicated later..

  • Morning: Breakfast
  • Morning: workshops / presentations / films / …
  • Morning: Traders’, VVS and VVS working groups stands are opened
  • Noon: Prize giving
  • Noon: BBQ
  • Afternoon: clean-up

As on Saturday we provide a solid breakfast.

Workshops / presentations / films /…

During the morning you can attend several workshops, presentations, films about the different domains of the speleology.

The program is currently being drafted and the exact schedule will be communicated later.

If you have something interesting to tell about an expedition, a specific area of speleology, etc., let us know (see More information) and present your story to your fellow cavers during the Caving Days.

Traders, the VVS and VVS working groups stands

Just like Saturday afternoon you can visit the stands of our traders, the VVS and the VVS working groups..

Prize giving

The winner of the Alphones Doemen Prize will be announced before the BBQ, as will the winners of the photo competition.


At noon, you can queue up for a BBQ (we also provide a vegetarian alternative).


In the afternoon, we still need to clean up and tidy up the location. We can use all the helping hands we can get...

Afterwards, we can all head back home with hopefully a lot of satisfaction after a successful Caving Days.

More information

More information will be published here.

If you still/already have a question, please contact the secretariat of the VVS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..